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Bets need to be placed

Playing can be done two ways either by phoning in your bets or logging into the website. To start your betting first select which chip you want to use, the chips range between one pound and one hundred pounds. Once the number is official it is displayed as the winning number, the timer then starts ticking again and people are allowed to bet again. Once the betting time is up a message announcing the betting time limit has ran out appears on screen. Once logged in you face a screen with some options on, you can click on play for free or play for real - if you want to play for real you will first need to put some money in your players account, if not some fun money which is only for practice is provided.

Bets need to be placed and confirmed before the dealer spins the roulette ball, there are a few minutes time provided for this. Roulette is so simple most people pick it up instantly the only real problem is remembering all of the bet names. Even if you don't know what the bets are and still new you can learn how to play supercasino live roulette by practicing and watching for a bit. This article explains the online betting method.There is no need to worry about learning how to play supercasino live roulette as it is one of the simplest casino games to learn. After placing your bets it is necessary to press a confirmation button, bets are not counted if they are not confirmed so it is essential that you do this step. The great thing about this is without a doubt the fact you can turn the telly on and watch it while Massage ball you bet, making it great entertainment for a boring night. The ball then gets spun around the wheel and everyone waits for it to drop into the wheel, eventually the ball falls and a result is announced. Once you know which game to play and select it a new window opens up showing the roulette wheel and bet table. Before playing you are required to register an account, once this is done you will need to log in on the website so you can view the games. . One pound is the least amount you can bet each time and the most is five hundred. After you have got the chip you want you then need to place your wager on to the table.

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